With this project I am trying to understand the feeling of being stuck and based on my research, I have proposed interventions for getting unstuck, and creating a new path for yourself. It gives recommendations for changing your habits this year, or getting good and productive at doing your meaningful work.
Some are feeling stuck in their careers, feeling like they’re too far along one path to make a change. Some are feeling stuck in their personal lives. The toll of the daily grind sucks most of their time and energy. When people come across these challenges, the feeling sometimes doesn’t go away. It often intensifies as time goes on. As the stuck feeling intensifies, some people choose to settle. Subconsciously, without even realizing it, they end up pushing their dreams and goals further and further down.
Secondary Research
Secondary research was done to find out how does being unstuck is understood by Science & Technology
I took this tool of externalization to people and asked them to write their thoughts so that it becomes easier to get abstract raw thoughts onto paper so that they become tangible.  
Based on the diary entries there seemed to be a pattern that emerged which was that people were seeking for questions of how could they possibly come out of such a situation and knew that they were feeling unpleasant this propelled me to think that we all do damage recovery what are our natural tendencies and maybe this could give way to extrapolating some.
The mood board was created based on the conversations of what each participant does to get unstuck and based on these conversations there is an inherent pattern of looking up to an idol became so evident. No matter what the situation is, who the person is they all have someone to look up to and this became the anchor.
Why Inspiration matters ?
So, what is it about inspiration that matters so much to people, why does everyone has an inspiration to look up.
Drivers that changed my feeling of being stuck ! 
Finally, I found the answers to why were some things in the map I created for myself made me feel that way and what changed those feeling.
Concept: Why a self responsive journal ?
It is important to understand that in other ideas the agency shift from Hey I have a problem to why don't you solve it to, Hey I am gonna solve my own problem was a decision I made and hence the journal.
This perspective acts as a subtle nudge and does not claim to be a Psychiatrist, hence chatbots weren't taken.
The agency remains with the user. H/She always has the power to act or ignore them.
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