Welcome to WhatsApp Pay — a UX/UI re-design
Have you ever had problems when sending long lists to your kirana shop uncle…Have you had to go through multiple To and FRO images saying " Ye nai ye " ( Not this one, that one), had to go through multiple calls and chat messages creating-recreating the list and waiting for the shopkeeper to respond and still getting wrong order and he replied saying he will send it when it's available.

Poor chap he must be dealing with too many messages all at once.

WhatsApp has been rapidly expanding its payments business. At the same time, it has come up as the platform for communication between all sections of people. Today, it is not uncommon for us to deal with our local stores through WhatsApp. The whole communication is manual and needs constant attention from the shop owner until the time the purchase is
made. This is not the best usage of their time and there is a scope for product intervention to make the whole process seamless.
The problem statement here is to design an experience to enable the local stores (Kirana shops et al) to sell items to their customers through WhatsApp for businesses.
Two major themes emerged 
1. That WhatsApp pay can be made better with third party software's which can create the catalogues for the owner but maintaining a real time inventory at real time for a store owner is next to impossible.
2. Manual Intervention is time consuming and leaves both the Shopkeeper and the customer puzzled. 

Here is  a sneak peak of some conversations
Some similar conversations (Customer)
" When will I receive the order "
" This order is wrong" 
" Half things in the list have not been sent "
" This is too expensive, please give it on some reasonable price"
" The delivery boy has not reached by when will it reached"
" Please send me whenever the item is available "
Some similar conversations (Shopkeeper)
"We are packing your order it will reach in sometime "
" Sorry, I did not understand what are you exactly asking for "
" No, we do not have it, it is out of stalk"
" I might have missed that item in the messages" 

Here after selecting the Cart option, A welcome option would be populated for the person to create a LIST - " Here the list is static and not real time, the inventory need not be managed by the shopkeeper for this kind of a list, it could be managed by some third party plugin which keeps a list of general grocery item's  but this could be helpful in reducing the time, confusion and too and fro chaotic request for item " this could improve the overall chat experience of both the customer and shopkeeper
Here the same list could be moved back and forth and the button to remind me later could be used as a timer for the shopkeeper to send the goods when restocked !
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