Scenario 1 : Users can login into the system with Admin /citizen access and navigate the Dashboard as shown belo

Here the dashboard page of the administrator has three tabs: Overview, Workflow and Feedback .
The top bar has a drop down to download reports , below which is a panel that displays graphs at a glance .
The middle card contains the district map and the rightmost card represents the timeline of the activities performed by the admin.
Throughout any point in the navigation hierarchy the left hand side panel of the page display’s exactly where the user is .

Scenario 2 : Information about any critical situations or disasters is sent from the NDRM (National Disaster Management portal) to the administrator which then processes the information

Scenario 3 : People in the critical area (Red Zones) are identified and marked in the check boxes.District wise messages are rolled out using Push Alert Button.

Scenario 4 : Feedback map view shows people asking for help (ex: travel aids) gets reflected on the the dashboard.

Here the pin code, name and zone of the person seeking help gets populated in the central panel and the request list is populated in the bottom most central card.
The admin caters to the request by sending the required relief in this case travel grants by pushing the send relief button .
The user gets notified about the time date and place of the relief center and the place and vehicle number which would pick him up and drop him to a safe location .

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