My design journey in TCS has been nothing but phenomenal. While I joined as a software engineer, I developed interfaces for middleware technologies (ERP), worked in the entire pre and post-production environment where I met designers in action who could convert abstract thoughts into tangible ideas, they captured my imagination and so, I requested my team to let me learn the ropes of design. I slowly started to work on UX flows for TCS marathon app and an internal workplace management portal. 
Soon after I was taken under the wings of the conversational experiences unit and formally started to work as a UX designer. I got the opportunity to work on a Conversational flow's for clients. My responsibilities were to analyze the large sets of data to provide useful insights from it that helped the clients in their businesses and write the conversational flow for the chatbot and voice bot solutions. While developing the voice and chatbot tool for clients, I took the initiative and improved the designing process overall. I closely collaborated with product managers, UX researchers and designers. I also got involved in secondary research to drive insights on present scenario of the problem space. This helped me to decide the target audience, critical user journeys and understand user-flows. It also helped me to understand and align the product with the team’s present and upcoming product strategies. Later, the inferences were transformed into mockups and prototypes for the clients chatbot's. I interacted with UX engineers and engineering team to understand the product constraints. I was involved in the research, product strategy, defining the information architecture, low-fidelity clickable prototypes, designing high-fidelity prototypes.
During the entire period, I collaborate with a product team and understand product strategies and constraints. I also learned about the complexities in enterprise services, IT administration and the pre-sales team.
Unfortunately, due to the Non-disclosure agreement signed with TCS, I cannot share more information on this project. Although, I would be happy to talk more about my experience. 


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